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The kitchen is an important space in a living and residential environment. It is not just a space where food is prepared and consumed. It also has an important social function. A kitchen certainly no longer stands alone. It is part of the total furnishing and layout of a home.

Do you have a home with an exclusive interior? Then you want a luxury kitchen that fully matches the style of your home, is equipped with every comfort and has an appearance that you say ‘wow’ to. Our kitchen designers understand this like no other and create exclusive, tailor-made kitchens.


Would you like to know more about our luxury Italian kitchens? Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

Italian top quality in any style you wish

At Keukenstore in Capelle aan den IJssel you will find exclusive kitchens from the Italian design brand Zampieri Cucine. These kitchens have that extra touch, which provides a luxurious look and feel. Our Italian kitchen line is characterized by clean lines, excellent finish, surprising dimensions and special details.

Zampieri kitchen
Zampieri kitchen
Zampieri kitchen
Zampieri kitchen

Zampieri Cucine from Venice

A kitchen with a sartorial soul, craft industry of contemporary life, that’s what Zampieri stands for and this is made in Venice.

“The kitchen is the heart of the house. A home in which a well-organized, refined and technically advanced kitchen harmoniously blends with a modern living room.
A physical place, but also a place in our mind. Our philosophy of life made in Venice.”

Craftsmanship, with an eye for detail

A luxury home with an exclusive interior requires a special kitchen. A kitchen that excels in comfort, is rich in finish and is complete with high-quality appliances.
With an eye for detail, we realize exclusive kitchens that all have their own character. Thanks to the professional eye of our designers, we can translate every wish into the design. From style and choice of materials, to dimensions and equipment. Every detail is thought of!

Luxury Zampieri kitchens with high finish

The modern designs of our exclusive kitchen line suit luxurious interiors and give a home a special look. We apply the latest insights and techniques in every design. For example, you can now find a lot of marble in luxury kitchens. Not only in worktops but also as a back wall. This originally classic type of stone is now a must for a timeless design kitchen.

For a natural look, opt for a solid wood kitchen. A type of material that can be combined very well with black details for a sturdy look or matt white fronts for a pure, sober look. Or opt for a completely black kitchen!
And have you heard of Dekton kitchen worktops? Dekton is a beautiful and modern type of countertop that we often use in exclusive kitchen designs.
If you are looking for a kitchen with high-gloss fronts, then a granite worktop is a very nice addition.

Details that matter

Materials and high-quality finishes are important features of a Zampieri kitchen, but it is also the special details that make your kitchen unique and special. With a cooking island you create a connection between the different spaces, but also with each other. We can provide the cooking island with both functional and luxurious details, such as an induction plate with integrated extraction system, sockets for your mobile devices and a bar area where you can sit comfortably.
An open shelving system with metal details, an integrated custom dining table, shelves with beautiful lines for beautiful accessories and designer lighting in your kitchen are also possible.

Specific wishes

With an eye for detail and quality, we realize a kitchen with its own character for every interior. Even if your interior architect has specific wishes in mind, we are happy to think along with you about how we can implement these in your dream kitchen. Do you want a specific size? We design the exclusive kitchens from Zampieri completely custom based on your wishes and preferences.

Experience your Zampieri kitchen in our showroom nearby Rotterdam

Are you curious about what our latest, exclusive kitchen line looks like? Then visit our inspiring showroom in Capelle aan den Ijssel, nearby Rotterdam. Our kitchen designers are happy to advise you on the various options.

Zampieri kitchen
Zampieri kitchen
Zampieri kitchen
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